Specialist procedure codes

The Schedule of procedures and fees contains codes for procedures for which our policies provide benefit and is based on work undertaken by the Clinical Coding and Schedule Development group (CCSD).

To fully understand our approach to fees you will need to read the introduction to the Schedule of Procedures and fees. This contains important information regarding our billing principles.

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CCSD Chapter List

Section ID Section title
Chapter 1 Simple investigations and procedures and general procedures
Chapter 2 Brain, cranium and intracranial organs
Chapter 3 Spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves
Chapter 4 Eye and orbital contents
Chapter 5 Ear, nose and throat
Chapter 6 Face, mouth, salivary and thyroid
Chapter 7 Breast
Chapter 8 Thorax and intra-thoracic organs
Chapter 9 Vascular system
Chapter 10 Endoscopic gastrointestinal procedures
Chapter 11 Abdomen (excluding urinary and reproductive organs)
Chapter 12 Urinary system and male reproductive organs
Chapter 13 Pregnancy and confinement
Chapter 14 Female reproductive organs
Chapter 15 Skin and subcutaneous tissue
Chapter 16 Bones, joints and connective tissue/tendon muscle
Chapter 17 Interventional radiology
Chapter 18 Chemotherapy